Your posts are absolutely amazing, Whats ur username. I want more of you.

Thank you :) but I don’t have

where is he from?

Hope this answers your question

Place of birth: Visp , which is in Switzerland.

cedesforever asked:

Hey is dominique french or italian? I am having an argument with my sister about it. Thanks :)

Here you go
Family heritage: Italian on my father’s side and Swiss/Austrian on my mother’s side.
Place of birth: Visp , which is in Switzerland.

umberdiary asked:

I guess I'm you're biggest tumblr fan now. Great blog! <3Dominique Capraro

Thank you ;)

pic from pinterest

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oh-dont-ask asked:

Is this blog still active?

Yes, it is. i just had my school exams and exams for university. i hope I’ll have time to soon post some new stuff :)

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how old is Dominique?

About 24 but i’m not too sure

so funny picture :)

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